-Narrow Knitted
-Hook & Eye
  And Tapes
-Bra Cups
-Bra Underwire
-Bra Wire Casing
-Raschel Lace
-Ready To Wear
  Shoulder Straps
-Plastic And Metal
  Nylon Coated
Narrow Woven elastics are identified by the crosswise and parallel ribs which create a window-pane effect. The most important property of this type of elastic is that it can be easily stretched and stitched on the garment. Parteks offers narrow woven elastics in a large variety of widths and styles. They are all made of polyamide 6 yarns along with high quality spandex.

By providing high quality dying, finishing and testing, we are able to manufacture the highest standard quality products that match the world's leading underwear manufacturer's standards. Those are the key components that make Parteks different from other manufacturers.