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  Mattress Tapes
Jacquard Mattress Ticking Fabric is produced by using polyester yarn for the warp and by using our polypropylene yarn for the weft. We normally use 300 dernier and 600 dernier yarn in our mattress fabrics. Fabrics are either heat-pressed, specially back-coated, and nonwoven backed (Parteks patented). Color alternatives in these fabrics are achieved with the polypropylene yarns manufactured by us. Specific pattern requests of our customers can be made or our customers can choose from the firm's pattern catalog. Weft picks counts for quality: can also be selected by our customers.

Jacquard Mattress Fabric meets English and American standards for flamibility and our fabrics are antibacterial. Parteks Jacquard matress fabrics are produced with Dornier Air Jet Looms or with Rapier Looms to width's of 224 - 230 cm.