-Narrow Knitted
-Narrow Woven
-Hook & Eye
  And Tapes
-Bra Underwire
-Bra Wire Casing
-Raschel Lace
-Ready To Wear
  Shoulder Straps
-Plastic And Metal
  Nylon Coated
Bra cups which are mainly used in underwear, swimwear and outwear are made of polyurethane or polyester foam. We also make bra cups from EVA mesh and special polyurethane foam. With our new foam plant we are able to produce our own foam which gives us a strategic advantage to produce the high quality cups with variety of styles and sizes in different densities.
The different types of cups we manufacture are;
-Foam Cups
-EVA Cup
-Molded Fabric Cup
-Garment Bra Post Molding
-Fabric Laminated Foam